How to Teach Reading Strategies: EFL/ESL Teaching Methods for Motivating Students to Read

How to Teach Reading Strategies: EFL/ESL Teaching Methods for Motivating Students to Read:

"When reading comprehension breaks down, ESL/EFL students need to find ways to repair their understanding. This is where the importance of knowing how to teach reading strategies come in, so as to facilitate the reading process and give students a clear sense of what they are reading.

Students can become easily frustrated when they do not understand what they are reading and as a result, they become demotivated. A teacher needs to design and teach different strategies in order to help students close the gaps in their understanding. The ultimate challenge for the teacher is knowing exactly which strategy is useful and most beneficial to teach, since each student needs different strategies. This article in this respect, will give many strategies and a few general pointers for how to teach them.
General Reading Strategies

The website recommended by parents in 2004, has a wealth of activities, games and articles on reading strategies. There are plenty of strategies for the beginner reader and many can be adapted to fit the needs of more advanced readers as well."


  1. You might be interested in my website I am particularly interested in teaching comprehension strategies and we have developed some video tutorials and a range of supporting materials. These processes work very well with our ESOL students in New Zealand.


  2. There is no doubt that ESL writers have distinct instructional needs. I triage two levels of reading-writing intervention based upon diagnostic assessments as 1) emergency treatment or 2) long-term care at <a href="”>How to Teach EL Writing</a>.

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