A New Teacher Tip to Help You Become the Teacher of Your Dreams

A New Teacher Tip to Help You Become the Teacher of Your Dreams:

"Why are so many teachers unable to really enjoy the profession of teaching?

My take is that they often get too absorbed with testing and classroom management issues.

I understand how difficult it is to manage a classroom. I also understand how important it is to know that YOU are in control as a new teacher.

But when I ask teachers, 'what's the one thing that is still challenging you, they almost always say: 'discipline problems.'

Gee. Now I understand why teachers are constantly stressed and unhappy because they feel they are fighting a war.

I don't know about you but I like to teach and build a connection with the students. And when you build on effective instruction, you minimize discipline problems so much so that you can eliminate them forever.

So here's my tip for enjoying the teacher's life."


  1. I very much agree with the idea of making a firm connection to your students and as the teacher you must take that first initiative. Children often give us signs that want us to notice them however we are all too often busy or distracted.
    I am a teacher of 26 5-6 year olds, and while I have a relationship with each child or something in common with them, I can't say that ALL behaviour problems have been eliminated, definitely more managed. Children are children, and they will break rules at times. I find that seperating the negative behaviour from the person helps to give a logical consequence. They understand why there is a consequence and there aren't grudges held.

  2. You make some good points above.
    However, I also think that this can be helpful to you:
    The book and Training Video: PREVENTING Classroom Discipline Problems

    If you can get this book and video: [they are in many libraries, so you don't have to buy them] email me and I can refer you to the sections of the book and video [that demonstrates the effective vs. the ineffective teacher] that can help you.

    If your library does not have them, you can get them at:


    that are also used at this online course:

    See: Reviews at: http://classroommanagementonline.com/comteach.html

    If you cannot get the book or video, email me anyway, and I will try to help.

    Best regards,


    Howard Seeman, Ph.D.
    Professor Emeritus,
    City Univ. of New York

    Prof. Seeman


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