How New Teachers Can Be More Spontaneous in the Classroom

How New Teachers Can Be More Spontaneous in the Classroom:

"Much of the success in the classroom for a new teacher depends on how much a teacher is willing to go beyond what is written in her lesson plan and to read the students. This takes many years of practice and persistence. But it is important to get into the training of learning to listen to teacher intuition. Having a bank of activities is not always enough. The same goes for sticking to the book. It is important to experiment and try new things. Reach out to the students. They will provide you with the answers.

Spontaneity is putting your lesson plans aside and do something on the spur of the moment. While this assumes considerable classroom experience and perhaps some guts to an extent, a (new) teacher has got to start somewhere."


  1. I could still remember my teacher before who wouldn't really go out of the lesson plan to engage us, but his power of speech and the zeal that he has for his subject made the class more entertaining. I guess it was his way of being spontaneous but it worked.


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