How the Internet Affects Plagiarism | MindShift

How the Internet Affects Plagiarism | MindShift:
"Plagiarism is nothing new. Students have been plagiarizing far before the Internet was widely available — whether it was copying from the encyclopedia or hiring professionals. But the Internet and the explosion of online resources has made it easier for students to get to those resources. You’ll find a number of websites geared specifically to cheating — sites where you can buy papers, for example. But even if students opt not to pay-to-cheat, the Internet does seem to make it easier to lift content. It’s as easy as copy-and-paste."
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  1. I think we should teach students to collect material, rewrite it/make it their own and then list their resources at the end. They need to know that "borrowing" isn't wrong and won't result in them receiving a lower grade. It is only wrong if they "forget" to give credit.


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