Teacher Survival Kit for Classroom Management: 10+ Tips & Resources

Teacher Survival Kit for Classroom Management: 10+ Tips & Resources:
"The first day with a new class often dictates what the rest of the year will be like. If we start the learning journey well with our learners then we can look forward to what the year ahead will bring. However, we must show our learners how to act in order to have a successful journey. How our learners approach that journey- their attitudes and behaviors- will determine if they end the journey better individuals than they were before they entered our classrooms. Even though classroom management isn’t adequately taught in most teacher development programs, I think it is one of the most important skills for a teacher."

Google+ Hangouts now have Live Captioning

"Google+ Hangouts are quickly becoming a very good way to communicate with lots of different people.  They've recently opened up their Hangout OnAir Live function that lets anyone start a broadcast, via their hangout.  Which includes professional Lower Thirds, and other fun stuff.

They also released an add-on for Live Captioning.  Here's the post from Google+"