Three years dossing at university? It's the only way to train for life | David Mitchell | Comment is free | The Observer

Three years dossing at university? It's the only way to train for life | David Mitchell | Comment is free | The Observer:
"School sometimes feels like a big waste of time. I remember resenting the hours that I had to sit in rooms listening to teachers talk when I could have been getting on with all the homework they'd set. 'The facts they tell you are all in the books they make you go home and take notes from anyway,' I thought. 'If I was allowed to get on with that during the day, I could take the evenings off. No wonder I don't have time to get a part-time job, train for swimming badges or join one of those knot-fixated paramilitary groups like Mum and Dad keep suggesting.'"

Homework Hassle (Part one of two) - Philadelphia Education |

Homework Hassle (Part one of two) - Philadelphia Education |
"In an ideal world, every child would race home, throw open their backpack and easily complete authentic homework assignments. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. How can parents cope with homework hassles?"

27 Tips For Parent Conferences

27 Tips For Parent Conferences:

"Get your papers organized in advance. Assemble your grade book, test papers, samples of the student's work, attendance records and other pertinent data together ahead of time. That way you won't be fumbling through stacks on your desk during the meeting.

Plan ahead. Have in mind a general but flexible outline of what you're going to say, including a survey of student progress, a review of his or her strengths and needs, and a proposed plan of action.

Greet parents near the entrance they'll use. You'll alleviate anxiety and frustration (nothing is more confusing to the uninitiated than wandering around those look-alike school hallways trying to find the right classroom) and makes parents feel more welcome.

Get the name right. Don't assume that Jennifer Peabody's mother is Mrs. Peabody. She could well have been married again since Jennifer was born. Check your records ahead of time to make sure you've got the parents' names right. And don't assume that the wrinkled gray-haired gentleman coming in with Johnny is his grandfather. It could be his father, or an uncle. Politely ask. Try not to talk to the Smiths about their son 'Stan' when their son's name is 'Steve'."

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10 Warm Ups for Lesson Plans - Using Ice Breakers as Warm Ups

10 Warm Ups for Lesson Plans - Using Ice Breakers as Warm Ups:

"Beginning your lesson plans with a five-minute warm up or ice breaker can serve to focus your students on the topic, open up creative thinking, and help them to apply the learning in new ways. The feedback you get from students also gives you an instant reading on where their heads are. Here are ten ice breakers that make great warm ups in lesson plans."

Improve Your Pronunciation

Improve Your Pronunciation:

"Pronouncing every word correctly leads to poor pronunciation! Good pronunciation comes from stressing the right words - this is because English is a time-stressed language."

Education Article :: 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom

Education Article :: 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom:
"Many critics of Twitter believe that the 140-character microblog offered by the ubiquitous social network can do little for the education industry. They are wrong.

K-12 teachers have taken advantage of Twitter’s format to keep their classes engaged and up-to-date on the latest technologies. The following projects provide you and your students with 50 ways to incorporate Twitter into important and lasting lessons."

To pee or not to pee: why urine's great for compost heaps | Life and style |

To pee or not to pee: why urine's great for compost heaps | Life and style |
"Have you heard of a 'pee bale'? It's the latest measure adopted at the National Trust property Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire to both save water and ensure efficient composting.

As the name suggests, a 3m-long series of straw bales has been installed alongside the compost heaps in the walled gardens so workers (well the male ones anyway) can relieve themselves. Urine has been long-established as a free compost 'activator' (aka 'liquid gold'), because it's full of nitrogen, but there are other benefits too. Tamzin Phillips, the NT's 'compost doctor' is quoted in the press release as saying: 'What's so great about the pee bale is that it's using a natural solution to help the garden while saving flushing the loo for only when it's really necessary.'"

Education Article :: Quick Guide to Differentiated Instruction

Education Article :: Quick Guide to Differentiated Instruction:

"Good teachers have always understood that they don’t just teach a subject, they teach individual students with different learning skills, backgrounds and abilities. Differentiation connects the content to the students and addresses these varied needs."

For Women, Social Media is More Than "Girl Talk"

For Women, Social Media is More Than "Girl Talk":
"One reason for women’s interest in social media has to do with its symbolic capital, and what it represents in our culture. As language changes often signify underlying social change (think tutoiement in the French Revolution), people adopting emerging forms of communication like social media, are also embracing the consonant social identities. Social media represents an identity that is modern, connected, and a little bit daring. It’s an identity that is understood to be comfortable with a certain amount of transparency, promotes information, and has a global outlook, as technology crosses geographic boundaries. It is participative in nature, and this opportunity to add new layers to their identities is part of what makes social media so attractive to women.

The other reason is more pragmatic: social media offers benefits and improvements to a woman’s quality of life. Whether it’s adding convenience to a work arrangement, harnessing information for decision-making, managing relationships, or juggling a variety of other responsibilities, social tools provide a convenient and efficient way for women to manage the various aspects of their lives. The practical benefits that social media affords, combined with its emotionally fulfilling features make it likely that women will not only continue to engage with social media, but with future related innovations, as well."

Stress Relievers - 25 Stress Relievers to Try

Stress Relievers - 25 Stress Relievers to Try:

"We all experience stress from time to time. When stress gets to be too much, it can take a toll on our health and wellbeing. That's why effective stress relievers are essential in restoring inner peace and physical health. Here is a growing list of stress relievers that can help you feel less affected by stress in your life.

1. Guided Imagery
2. Self-Hypnosis
3. Autogenics
4. Journaling
5. Meditation
6. PMR
7. Yoga
8. Breathing
9. Playing Games
10. Sex
11. Laughter
12. Biofeedback
13. Music Therapy
14. Take a Walk
15. Plant a Garden
16. Time Management
17. Listen To Music
18. Eat a Balanced Diet
19. Learn Assertive Communication Skills
20. Enjoy Aromatherapy
21. Reduce Caffeine Intake
22. Drink in Moderation
23. Don’t Procrastinate
24. Drink Green Tea
25. Sign Up For The Free Weekly Newsletter For Ongoing Stress Relief Support!"

Writing a Five Paragraph Essay

"How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay
1. Before writing:
a) decide on your answer to the question/prompt. What is your topic and what do you want to prove about it? This is your thesis.
b) find three pieces of evidence/support to prove your thesis.
2. Write your introductory paragraph:
a) Begin with an opening “grabber”—why this topic is important.
b) Define any terms.
c) Briefly mention your three pieces of evidence in order of strength (least to most).
d) At the end of this paragraph clearly state your thesis statement—what you are trying to prove.
3. Write the second paragraph—the first paragraph of your body:
a) Opening sentence: restate your thesis, focusing on the support of your first (best) piece of evidence.
b) State your evidence, citing the reliable source.
c) Explain why your evidence proves your thesis.
4. Start your third paragraph with a transitional sentence that focuses on your second piece of evidence, connecting your thesis to this evidence. Again, state your evidence and explain why it proves your thesis.
5. Fourth paragraph: repeat step #4 using your third piece of evidence.
6. Begin your concluding paragraph with a transition restating your thesis. Briefly summarize the three points you’ve used to prove your thesis. Conclude with a statement wrapping it all up.
1. Never use I or you (Unless specifically told that it is allowed).
2. Do not use contractions in formal writing."

Apply template themes to existing sites in Google Sites - Official Google Docs Blog

Apply template themes to existing sites in Google Sites - Official Google Docs Blog:
"With new site templates being created every day, there are times when you find the theme you want after you have already created your site. Based on your feedback, we added the ability to apply a site template’s theme to any existing site. To choose from the 100s of themes in the public theme gallery, select Browse the theme gallery from the Themes page (Manage site -> Themes), and start browsing."