Becoming a Better EFL Teacher: A Simple Approach to Write an Essay for EFL Learners

Becoming a Better EFL Teacher: A Simple Approach to Write an Essay for EFL Learners:

"A Simple Format to Write an Essay for EFL and ESL Learners

A simple format for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) learners to write an essay, is none other than the old standby, “The Five Paragraph Essay”. This writing structure is, of course, based on writing on a topic using five paragraphs. Briefly, here’s how it is set up.

Paragraph One – When you write an essay, the first paragraph provides the introduction to the essay or composition. It tells what is to be discussed and why. Your main points or arguments are briefly introduced. This paragraph need not be a lengthy one, four to five sentences will usually suffice.

Paragraph Two – In the second paragraph more background information is provided in more detail. Your first, often strongest main point or argument is expanded upon. This second paragraph is usually longer than the first or introductory paragraph. There is a topic sentence, three to five sentences of information, then a summary or concluding sentence which is used to allude or transition to the next paragraph’s content.

Paragraph Three – The third paragraph provides your second key point or argument and ties it into your theme, when you write an essay or c"

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