How to Handle Bullies

How to Handle Bullies:

"Why Children Bully Each Other:

* Children today are more aggressive. Rabbi Shmuley says children are emulating the violent video games, TV shows and movies they're exposed to.
* Marriages today are weak. Many parents fight with each other, and Rabbi Shmuley says children absorb their aggression. 'Here is the other thing—when you spend your time battling your spouse, you are going to have little energy left to discipline your kids, and he may become a bully,' he says.
* Children today are angry. 'They rage against their parents' neglect; thunder against their parents' indifference,' he says. 'As their parents ignore them more and more, they feel resentful, so they look for victims around them to take out their aggression.'
* Children today are being bullied by parents. 'Parents themselves are overworked and tired,' Rabbi Shmuley says. 'Rather than inspiring their kids with heart-to-heart conversations, they bark orders at them, find constant criticism and the child passes on the bullying.'

Solutions to Help Children Deal with Bullies:

* Never show fear before the bully. 'Don't respond to him, but don't run from him,' Rabbi Shmuley says. 'Just go about your normal business as if he or she is not there.'
* Make it clear to the bully that you wi"