Why It's Not Such a Good Idea to Bribe Kids for Good Behavior

Why It's Not Such a Good Idea to Bribe Kids for Good Behavior:

"Parenting Bribes: The Problem With Bribing Kids for Good Behavior

Candy, toys, money, entertainment: What's the harm of a parenting bribe? After all, who isn't motivated by a little incentive? Several parenting experts told WebMD that giving in to kids with parenting bribes isn't as harmless as it sounds. Founder of the Love and Logic philosophy of parenting (loveandlogic.com), Fay says that bribes -- and sometimes even rewards -- can send unspoken, but powerful, messages like these to kids:

* You don't want to have good behavior.
* You're not capable of good behavior without bribery.
* Good behavior is only important to adults."

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