BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Scheme to stop slang in classroom

BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Scheme to stop slang in classroom:

"A school is taking part in a pilot government scheme to stop slang words being used in the classroom.

If a pupil at Lilian Baylis School in Kennington, south London, uses slang the teacher corrects it on the board and gives the standard English phrase.

They then put a tick next to the slang each time it is repeated to show how often students slip into the habit.

Headmaster Gary Phillips says pupils need to be proficient in both spoken and written English to pass exams.

He does not mind slang used in the playground but not in the classroom.

Pupil Nicholas Harris
Pupil Nicholas Harris uses slang with his friends
'We are not trying to ban slang. Children will speak to each other how they wish - that's part of being a child,' Mr Phillips said."

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