BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | 20 of your most hated cliches

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | 20 of your most hated cliches:

"20 of your most hated cliches

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According to an online survey, cliches like 'at the end of the day', '24/7' and 'literally' are among the most reviled. Here are 20 more that particularly irk Magazine readers.

1. My vote for most irritating cliche has to be 'basically'. I even manage to irritate myself by using it, although I do try not to.
AS, Salford, England

2. A few minutes ago I said 'basically' was the most irritating cliche. I've changed my mind: 'To be fair' is the most awful thing anybody can ever say, particularly since it is invariably followed by a biased and utterly unfair comment.
Ian, Sheffield

3. My most hated expression has to be 'to be honest'. What does it mean? Are you normally dishonest then? To my shame you might even catch me saying it.
John Airey, Peterborough

4. It has to be 'going forward', used by business people/politicians, as in: 'Going forward, we need to do...X.' Since time is irreversible, it's totally unnecessary. No one experiences life 'going backward'.
Alex Brodie, London"