Last Lecture by Randy Pausch


  1. I have used the Randy Pausch Last Lecture for two years with my high school students. I design activities, reflections and discussions centered around the idea of "make life matter" and live each day. The cancer focus is also part of my lessons (I am a health educator). This is a fabulous tool for so many areas of discussion.

  2. I am doing the same thing in English 12 w/ learning disabled students. They love the book and I've designed a study guide w/ it.
    I'd love to share resources w/ you Patricia. I am both a teacher & nurse

  3. Hi! I am getting ready to teach this for the first time to high school seniors. One class is a class of future teachers and the other is a Health Careers Technology class. The teacher I work with in our teaching program, her husband just passed away from complications of esophageal cancer; so, it will definitely hit home for my students. What are some different things you do with the book? Either from the health perspective or just from a teaching perspective? Thanks,



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