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"Having a working checklist is so important if you’re a new teacher trying to establish a positive relationship with your students or a seasoned teacher trying to teach fresh content. A working checklist helps keep you on track to achieve what you really want in your teaching career. Teachers make so many decisions both in and out of the classroom and a working checklist can help you become less frazzled and more focused on developing meaningful goals crucial for developing your teaching career.

What Should be Included on Your Working Checklist

The best kinds of checklists are those that include weekly and monthly tasks or, short and long terms goals. Keep your weekly checklist focused to no more than 3 weekly tasks. Be flexible too – if you find yourself having a very busy week with grading and/or semester grades, then plan to put aside your goals for the following week without feeling guilty.

Your working checklist should have tasks that relate to different areas of classroom management and organization as well as lesson planning and assessment that you are working hard to improve.
Based on the previous teacher survey, here is one areas that is challenging for both new and seasoned teachers:

Building Positive Relationships with Students
•Communicating expectations for"