Taking a Course on Second Life

I've just started a course on Second Life. Second Life has lots of applications in Education and I want to know some more about it.

Some information about Second Life:

Introduction to Second Life:

Introduction to Second life. Meant as an explanation for people from the business world not as familiar with virtual worlds, or second life.
Greater IBM and Second Life Video Introduction:

TOP SECRET. Greater IBM and Second Life Video Introduction. Unique and funny. Seinfeld fans will like it. IBMers, alumni, and everyone, start here!
Intro to Second Life:

A 150-second machinima introduction to the 3D virtual world of Second Life, by Giff Constable (aka Forseti Svarog in SL) of The Electric Sheep Company. http://blogs.electricsheepcompany.com
77 videos on this list about Second Life and Education: I hope you find them useful.


  1. So tell me as I'm curious, how did you like a second life? I tried it but never went anywhere lol Perhaps we could meet up there for a coffee ;-)


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