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A great blog full of tips for newbies in Second Life:

About « virtually living - a second life blog:

"I’m Shynee Jewell, a fairly recent resident of Second Life. When I first began exploring Second Life, I kept discovering handy tips, shortcuts and advice from other SecondLifers, so I started to keep a little digital notebook of them… but then I realised how silly it was to keep all that useful info to myself. So I am using this blog as a reference, and hope others might find it useful, too. In addition to tips for newbies (and not-so-new-bies, too!), I am also blogging to keep track of all the places, people and things I discover while exploring this virtual world. I hope you find something useful, interesting or fun while you’re here.

I always wanted to be a food critic, so reviewing things and identifying the ingredients of what makes something successful (or not!) is in my nature. So I’ve decided to rate and review all the places, shops & things to do - as I was already doing so in my little offline notebook, anyway. Every review is on a scale of 1-10, and when I have the time, I’ll be sure to include a breakdown of the features so it’s a more detailed rating."