Preventive Tips For the Hard to Handle Class and Student

Preventive Tips For the Hard to Handle Class and Student:

"There are all kinds of hard to handle students. My purpose is to try and find a hook and connect. If you find you are having difficulty with a particular student, perhaps it pays to find a hook and connect. Observe the following:

When is the child quiet and concentrating? What time? What is s/he doing?

Talks can prove to be effective. Tie it into learning. What does that kid like? What is s/he good at?

I am a believer in preventing problems before they happen. This is why I believe observation and the direct and individual process help me minimize classroom management problems.

Here are some other preventive tips:

Be careful how you seat students.

Be consistent and follow up. Make sure you have a plan on how you deal with those students.

Reward good behavior."

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