Confidence Building Tips 101 - For New Teachers - What Works and What Doesn't

Confidence Building Tips 101 - For New Teachers - What Works and What Doesn't:

"When new teachers experience a difficult or challenging classroom experience, they quickly loose touch because that one 15 minute segment of an unsuccessful lesson simply tore them down. They quickly forget all those positive classroom teaching experiences. Since new teachers lack the confidence seasoned teachers work hard to establish, it then becomes very hard for new teachers to rebuild a positive flow of teaching energy. The worst thing for a new teacher to do is to start a Monday by bringing a bundle of nerves and and jitters into the classroom. It becomes a no win situation.

When you are able to shift the focus away from yourself and to your students, you are able to focus on true teaching moments of HERE and NOW. Even in the early Monday morning hours after you've prepared a well-prepared lesson and finished marking all those papers yet find yourself absorbing in a series of 'what if's,' stop yourself and ask: What is the most important thing my students need right now? How can I effectively cater to them?

It's hard to do this because much of what happens in the classroom is often determined by a new teacher's personality. But there are tips and tricks of the trade that you can use RIGHT NOW that will help you adapt to new classroom situations and develop the confidence you need."