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"Beauty Before and After Writing Prompt

K-2: What do you think makes someone beautiful?

3-5: Would you recognize the girl in the beginning from the final billboard photo? Would you ever want to change so much people didn't recognize you? Why or why not?

6-8: Is your image of your body and your looks affected by how models and stars look? Is that a good or bad thing?

9-12: Do you think the media should represent beauty more realistically or should they stick to these airbrushed models? What is their responsibility to the impressionable people (young or old) whom these images affect?"


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  3. I agree with you and forwarded the link to my daughter who will turn 18 in November. Fortunately she is a clever girl!

  4. Thanks for sharing one of our YouTube writing prompts.

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  5. Thank you for everything you do to improve our teaching. Your site is great.


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