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Grammar Reference

The following grammar reference pages include charts, quizzes and other related resources. Use these pages to quickly review specific grammar points, or to introduce yourself to new topics.
Direct (Reported) Speech Passive Voice
Saying 'No' Nicely Contrasting Ideas
Stating Preferences Giving Warning
Asking for Information Offering Help
Making Suggestions Giving Advice
English Tenses Timeline Chart Relative Clauses: Introduction
Relative Clauses: Defining and Non-Defining Clauses Relative Clauses: Relative Pronouns in Defining Clauses
Relative Clauses: Relative Pronouns in Non-Defining Clauses Relative Clauses: Prepositions, Where, When and Why

Grammar Terminology Reference
TOEFL Practice - 1 Sentence Rewriting - 1
TOEFL Practice - 2 Sentence Rewriting - 2
TOEFL Practice - 3 Sentence Rewriting - 3
TOEFL Practice - 4 Sentence Rewriting - 4
TOEFL Practice - 5 Sentence Rewriting - 5
Adverb Clauses Adverb Clauses with Time Expressions
Adverb Clauses Showing Oppostion Adverb Clauses Expressing Conditions
English Verb Forms Plural Formation
Adjectives Adjective Placement Quiz
Adjective Placement Adverbs
Contractions Beginner Grammar
Lower Intermediate Grammar Intermediate Grammar
Upper Intermediate Grammar Advanced Grammar
Present Simple Past Simple
Present Continuous Present Perfect
Simple or Progressive Perfect? Simple vs. Progressive
American/British Basic Business Letters
Irregular Verbs Reference List Reference list of most common phrasal verbs
Intonation and Stress: Keys to Understanding Introduction to Phonetics with Reference Chart
Irregular Verbs - Interactive Quiz/Learning Tool Conditionals 0, 1, 2, 3
Future Forms Gerund or Infinitive: Interactive Quiz/Learning Tool
Modal Forms Overview Must / Have to - Mustn't / Not Have to
Can / Be Able to Passive Voice
Reported Speech Beginners: What would you like? Making requests in a restaurant
Beginners: How are you? The verb "to be" Beginners: What do you do? Simple Present
Beginners: "A, An and The", use of indefinite and definte articles Beginners: ABC, the alphabet
Beginners: Some - Any Beginners: Prepositions of time and place: at, in, to and on
Beginners: Here - There, This, These - That, Those Adverb Clauses Showing Cause and Effect