Say "No" and Mean It

Say "No" and Mean It:

"Setting Limits and Boundaries

* Try to broaden your definition of what it means to love your children. Giving children boundaries, limits and saying 'no' are all a critical part of having a healthy love for your children. Too often mothers think that if they make their children upset or mad then they are causing them emotional damage. But parents who set boundaries, limits and structure are more likely to have children who will develop the skills they need to find happiness and stability in life.

* Learn to say 'no' and mean it! And then you must explain why you are saying 'no' to your child. This is the golden rule for all parents! It will teach your children about values, so they can start to understand your thinking and reasoning behind the no. If you are a parent who says 'no' but doesn't mean it, then you are teaching your child not to respect you and you are not giving them the limits and boundaries they need to navigate this world more effectively. It could show up later on in life with their friends, co-workers and in their intimate relationships.

* Decide what you want your child to value. And understand that begins with your values and what you believe will cultivate a happy and healthy child. You should want your child to value healt"