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Blogs » fun ideas for learning english » My English Corner:

"Fun with English Ideas

* Have an English-only evening once a week. Cook in English (rewrite your recipe in English) or watch English movies.

* Write an English love letter. (If your loved one doesn't understand English that's even better!)

* Write English limericks. (These are excellent and simple for writing, pronunciation and rhythm practice.)

* Rewrite fairy tales, jokes or instructions in English.

* Go out and pretend you don't understand your native language (try to get by in only English).

* Go online and find the lyrics to your favorite English songs and sing along to them (use a search engine).

* Learn the words to English national anthems. Sing along when you hear them on TV (sporting events).

* Invent an English character for yourself (with job, family, etc). Write this person's biography.

* Buy an English board game (like Monopoly or Scrabble).

* Play cards in English.

* Start up or join an English reading or conversation club.

* Talk to yourself in English while you clean or do the dishes.

* Go around the house and try to name everything in English (furniture, clothes etc). Look up words you don't know."