Classroom Management Exercises For New Teachers

Classroom Management Exercises For New Teachers:

"Concern about the ability to develop an effective classroom management plan is a major concern for both pre-service and practicing teachers. Developing your own program actually begins with yourself. Actually, you are your own best resource resource in addition to other teacher training resources. All teachers have different personality types that can interfere or help with classroom management skills and it is important early on, to identify what will help and interfere with your own classroom management program.

Jot down your concerns about managing a classroom. This will free up some of the tension that may have been stressing you out.

What kinds of personality characteristics, beliefs and values will help you become a good classroom manager? Are you a good listener? Do you believe in nurturing the individual in the classroom and getting to know the students? Do you keep good organizational skills and records? Are you the conscientious type who tends to follow through with consequences and rules?"