Writing a Five Paragraph Essay

"How to Write a Five Paragraph Essay
1. Before writing:
a) decide on your answer to the question/prompt. What is your topic and what do you want to prove about it? This is your thesis.
b) find three pieces of evidence/support to prove your thesis.
2. Write your introductory paragraph:
a) Begin with an opening “grabber”—why this topic is important.
b) Define any terms.
c) Briefly mention your three pieces of evidence in order of strength (least to most).
d) At the end of this paragraph clearly state your thesis statement—what you are trying to prove.
3. Write the second paragraph—the first paragraph of your body:
a) Opening sentence: restate your thesis, focusing on the support of your first (best) piece of evidence.
b) State your evidence, citing the reliable source.
c) Explain why your evidence proves your thesis.
4. Start your third paragraph with a transitional sentence that focuses on your second piece of evidence, connecting your thesis to this evidence. Again, state your evidence and explain why it proves your thesis.
5. Fourth paragraph: repeat step #4 using your third piece of evidence.
6. Begin your concluding paragraph with a transition restating your thesis. Briefly summarize the three points you’ve used to prove your thesis. Conclude with a statement wrapping it all up.
1. Never use I or you (Unless specifically told that it is allowed).
2. Do not use contractions in formal writing."