Education Article :: Quick Guide to Differentiated Instruction

Education Article :: Quick Guide to Differentiated Instruction:

"Why differentiated instruction?

Good teachers have always understood that they don’t just teach a subject, they teach individual students with different learning skills, backgrounds and abilities. Differentiation connects the content to the students and addresses these varied needs.

Differentiated Instruction expert Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson reminds teachers that although you might use a variety of instructional strategies, they are a 'means to an end.' These strategies help students reach the clear learning goals set by a teacher and should be utilized to address students' readiness, interests and learning profiles.

Differentiation is not something a teacher does every now and again and it is not something any teacher would ever be able to say they had mastered. Differentiation is looking at who, where, what and how we teach and continually improving in these areas so all children learn well."