cooperative learning classroom.research

cooperative learning classroom.research:

"In cooperative learning students work with their peers to accomplish a shared or common goal. The goal is reached through interdependence among all group members rather than working alone. Each member is responsible for the outcome of the shared goal. 'Cooperative learning does not take place in a vacuum.' Not all groups are cooperative groups. Putting groups together in a room does not mean cooperative learning is taking place. (Johnson & Johnson, p. 26). In order to have effective cooperative learning the following 5 essential elements are needed.

positive interdependence
Each group member depends on each other to accomplish a shared goal or task. Without the help of one member the group is not able to reach the desired goal.

face-to-face interaction
Promoting success of group members by praising, encouraging, supporting, or assisting each other.

individual accountability
Each group member is held accountable for his or her work. Individual accountability helps to avoid members from 'hitchhiking' on other group members' accomplishments.

social skills
Cooperative learning groups set the stage for students to learn social skills. These skills help to build stronger cooperation among group members. Leadership, decision-making, trust-building, and communication are different skills that are developed in cooperative learn"


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