School Matters - Girls Bullying | Teachers TV

School Matters - Girls Bullying | Teachers TV:

"Experts explore the problem of girls bullying other girls and give tips on how to identify the symptoms as well as tackling the causes.

Because girls can be more subtle bullies than boys, using exclusion and verbal weapons rather than fists and fights, their actions can be more difficult to spot and change.

Ways to combat this type of bullying such as peer mentoring are seen in action at both primary and secondary level, as well as a creative drama workshop which helps girls explore their role when faced with these incidents in the classroom or playground.

One school shows how by running anti-bullying sessions they have been able to forewarn and forearm girls against the actions of bullies."


  1. This sounds like an excellent program and I wish you much success. I, too, try to tackle the bullying problem by pointing out the effects it can have on adolescents in my "tween" novel, Grumble Bluff. I particularly like the idea of peer mentoring-- it makes a statement when the "big kids" are involved in a postivie way. Keep up the good work! Karen Bessey Pease. author of juvenile fiction,


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