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"Experienced teachers who succeed with their classes tend to do so because they keep to their lesson plan.They remain focused on their students.

As Suzanne Lieurance from the Working Writer’s Coaching Program says:

“On good days, they keep going.

On bad days, they stick with it.”

Even when it seems students aren’t listening to you and aren’t making progress, keep in mind the objectives (the steps) you need for both you and your students to reach their goals.

You might need to switch gears and make changes right on the spot. Be spontaneous and go with the flow.

Just for today, don’t less misbehavior and classroom management issues distract you from moving ahead.

Successful teachers must be flexible and switch gears consistently. If you’ve been dealing with discipline problems due to some lesson planning issues, maybe you need to make some instructional adjustments like speak less and give students more hands-on material. Or spend more time practicing new skills before giving students a quiz.

Successful lessons work from the outside in for them to come to life. Students need to be engaged and active. So don’t be intimidated to switch gears. It is part of the teaching-learning process.

Don’t worry if you can’t"


  1. I also believe that having a lesson plan is essential for both the teacher, and the students. I have written a post on this as well, on my blog. If you wish, you can check it out at:


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