7 Ways to Engage Students with Writing – SimpleK12

7 Ways to Engage Students with Writing – SimpleK12:
"Peer Editing: Create a peer editing checklist and let students review each other’s work. NOTE: be sure to establish ground rules about positive constructive criticism and honesty. You may want to go so far as to mix the papers up yourself and then redistribute them randomly before pairing students up together.

Highlighting: Students of all ages love to highlight! Allow them to highlight certain aspects of their papers that you deem important. The focus can change as you review different writing skills. (Think: they can highlight all transitions, or their details, or their topic sentence, or all adjectives, etc.)

Showcasing: Choose a few anonymous papers to use for student review. (Think: a great paper, an OK paper, and a not-so-good paper) Scan in student papers to show through a projector (Smart Board or Promethean Board). Or, if your school lacks this technology, run off enough copies for each student to write on…"