Microblogging in the Classroom « From Mr. “A” to Mr. “Z”

Microblogging in the Classroom « From Mr. “A” to Mr. “Z”:

"I believe microblogging tools can be powerful tools to share ideas and content with students. I also believe they give us a new method for assessing student learning. Sharing your thoughts in 140 characters requires communication with precision and clarity. I have talked with one teacher who has used a microblogging tool in his classroom, and he shared that the benefits far outweighed the detriments. I really want to use many of the tools I have learned about, but it sometimes seems an uphill battle to use them as many people fear the negative repercussions of implementing these tools in a middle school classroom. I can see why many teachers simply give up when it comes to using new tech. It seems so much easier to simply maintain the status quo. Anyone out there have any similar experiences?"