Five Tips for Helping Students Become Better Bloggers | BlogWalker

Five Tips for Helping Students Become Better Bloggers | BlogWalker:

"#1. Provide students with examples. Chances are blogging has not yet been presented to them as its own genre. In order for them to become thoughtful, effective bloggers, they’ll need to see samples from other student bloggers. For elementary age bloggers, I recommend they spend some time reading student work posted to Brian Crosby’s class blog and Mark Ahlness’s class blog. Be sure to checkout Mark’s strategy of having blog reading as part of his SSR program.

#2. Include reflection and self-evaluation as part of the blogging process. I really like the templates for reflecting on posts and reflecting on comments posted by the Rotorua East Lakes Learning Community. While I think students should certainly be allotted a number of “me too” or “that’s cool” comments, they should also be held accountable for a minimum number of self-selected “best” posts or comments."