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Personal Learning Networks | Heads Up English | ESL Lessons:

"A personal learning network represents a group of people who can:

1: Recommend articles, guides, websites, blog entries, experts, and so on. This tops the list because it supports all the following points. With a personal learning network, we automatically have access to the accumulated references and resources of possibly hundreds of people. For each person in our network, they are similarly connected to other people in other networks. Each person is a hub of sorts. And some people may be very active networkers, connecting to and engaging with thousands of people individually. These can be considered mega-hubs.

2: Guide your learning. When we hold conversations with others in our PLN, they provide knowledge and expertise gleaned from articles, websites, blog entries, and personal experience. They've accessed this information more than once, thought about it, tested it, perhaps retested it, and linked it their pre-existing storehouse of knowledge and expertise. They then share the information with us, as well as possibly recommend the articles, websites, etc. In short, they guide our learning."