Bright students to get £20,000 to train as teachers - Telegraph

Bright students to get £20,000 to train as teachers - Telegraph:

"Graduates with first-class degrees will be eligible for the most generous bursaries to teach shortage subjects such as science and maths, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

In an overhaul of the system of teacher training in England, ministers will announce the introduction of new personality tests – combined with tougher English and maths exams – to weed out the weakest applicants.

Teacher training courses will be reformed to put more focus on behaviour management and reading. Ministers will also signal plans to train more students in schools – instead of universities – in a move seen as an attack on the Left-wing teaching establishment.

The reforms are designed to raise the profile of the teaching profession amid fears that English state schools are falling behind those in other developed nations.

It comes just days after Sir Terry Leahy, the former chief executive of Tesco, described the quality of education offered in many schools as “simply not good enough”."