Personal Web Site (and Online Diary) 101

Personal Web Site (and Online Diary) 101:

"Personal Web Site (and Online Diary) 101

When you finish this five week course you will understand the basics of Web site design. Along the way you will be able to ask questions of others in the course to get help with any design question. You can go at your own pace or you can follow along with the syllabus.

These are a few of the things you will learn:

* Different programs you can use
* Lay out your site successfully
* Choosing a great title
* Writing a compelling description
* Linking
* Creative writing
* Adding pictures
* Updating
* Archiving
* Promoting

Classes start every week. You will receive the weekly syllabus along with the first lesson soon after you sign up. For the next four weeks you will receive a new lesson.

Sign up and receive weekly courses. This course is free. You have nothing to lose except the time you spend learning to create a great Web site. "