BBC News - Webscape - The app connecting you to people near by

BBC News - Webscape - The app connecting you to people near by:

"Web reviewer Kate Russell gets social with a proximity chat, photo and video sharing iPhone app called Color, with an Android version in development. Great for capturing multiple view points at a large event like a music festival.

If you are curious about the value of your network, Empire Avenue can help work it out, as you trade a virtual currency for shares in a person or company's social media profile. You will find a useful beginners' guide on how to play at The Next Web.

Life is a journey and if you want to share that trip, there is an interesting new edition to the web at iJourney. This free, flash-based social tool lets you add video, pictures, notes, social media feeds and more, to any day in the calendar you choose.

Sometimes your friends go on more interesting travels than you, but you can still follow their exploits with Feedkite . It is a Facebook plug-in that uses the built-in travel resources to extract albums from various locations, all wrapped up in a simple interface. "