5 Most Embarrassing Writing Mistakes

5 Most Embarrassing Writing Mistakes:

"Have you ever read over a message you've sent or reviewed a paper you've submitted and realized you made some embarrassing and silly mistakes? Why do we only seem to notice when it's too late? These are some of those common errors you should look for (before you hit the send button)!

Here's a tip: As you read over any draft of your writing, stop on any word that has an apostrophe and do a mental check. Are you using the right word?

1. Their, There, and They're Confusion
Confusing they're, there, and their is one of those reputation-busting mistakes! Do you know the difference? Even if you do, it's so easy for fast fingers to hit the wrong keys. Look for this embarrassing mistake when you proofread your paper!"


  1. It's happened even to the best of us. Thanks for this tip and the reminder to do a mental check;-)


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