High Schoolers Take Online Classes During Bus Commute

High Schoolers Take Online Classes During Bus Commute:

"Some rural high schoolers have been learning in an unusual way: by taking online classes during their time-consuming bus commutes.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

'The project, known as the Aspirnaut Initiative, gives some high-performing students laptops or video iPods and sets them up with online courses and educational videos during their long bus rides to and from school -- a round trip that often starts before dawn and ends after dark.

A number of participants have dropped out, unable to focus on studying as the bus bumps along gravel roads. But for [some] students...the Aspirnaut Initiative has opened new worlds.'

This is certainly an unorthodox atmosphere for online learning, and not all students can be expected to thrive amidst the distractions. But, for those who have the concentration and self-discipline necessary to make online learning work during the long ride to school, the program has huge benefits."