Pages Simple Private Sharing Simple Private Sharing: " + Twitter = is a way to feed content added to a 'drop' instantly into your twitter feed. You simply 'subscribe' your twitter account to updates from your drop by entering your twitter username and password... add items to your drop via any ‘input’, we convert it for you, we twitter a direct link for you. (any media --> --> twitter). So, add anything to your drop - pictures, video, audio, documents, files, notes, links - via almost any input - web, widget, email/mms, voicemail, fax - the items will instantly be placed in your twitter feeds with direct links. Your twitter 'followers' can in one click experience any media type on the fly... So, you can directly leave voicemail right into twitter or even fax all your followers.

Advanced Directions: custom tweets and email/mms

Customize your tweets when you subscribe your twitter account to your drop you can customize the way tweets are sent using our simple mini-language, using calls like [item url], [item type], etc. Sending in Email/MMS if you are sending in email or MMS to your drop, the resulting tweet will be automatically auto-formatted as ‘[email subject]:[email body] [direct link]’ this way if you send in photos, other file attachments, or just long notes, the tweets can b"