5 Stupid Implications of YouTube's Video Muting

And I thought I was going crazy when we couldn't hear any of the videos I had prepared for the lesson... I should have downloaded them, that'll teach me...

5 Stupid Implications of YouTube's Video Muting:

"Yesterday we broke a story about YouTube muting videos that use unauthorized copyrighted music as the audio. Since then, users have been trying it out with dozens of copyrighted audio tracks and it seems that this will definitely happen often in the future, as the library of “banned” music is quite extensive.

I don’t understand why any copyright holder could prefer removing his/her audio track to simply slapping some ads and trying to monetize the fact that someone, somewhere, likes their song. But what I do know is that YouTube has brought forth a number of interesting memes and phenomenons which will die out if this new audio muting practice continues (and spreads to music from other labels, not just Warner). Here are some of the obvious ones:

1. No more RickRoll (or any other authentic viral videos with copyrighted music)

By this, I don’t mean the actual rickroll, that is, tricking people into clicking on a link with Rick Astley’s song Never Gonna Give You Up. I mean all similar, past and present jokes and memes that use a popular, copyrighted audio tune. Whether you like the RickRoll jokes or not, you’ve got to admit that the world is just a tiny bit more boring place without them.

Sure, some viral videos don’t use copyrighted music. But many do: Numa Numa,"