Why Take Notes?

Why Take Notes?:

"Taking notes is a great way of helping you identify important concepts in class. Even if you have a great memory, you won't be able to remember everything that the teacher says, unless you have a permanent written record for your reference.

The purpose of a literature lecture is often to offer important background information about the literature you're studying, including: biography, literary history, period and movement details, discussion of relevant literary terms, details about the author's style, thematic relationships between works, critical perspective on the works, important quotations, or other relevant material related to the work, time period, etc. The content from literature lectures usually has a way of appearing in mysterious ways in quizzes, in-class writing assignments, essay assignments, and other testing situations. Even if the lecture material doesn't reappear in a testing situation, you may be asked to draw from the knowledge you gained from the lecture for a future in-class discussion, and it's just a good idea to have a record of what you've covered so far in the class. So, here are a few tips about what to think about as you take notes in your literature class..."