Teacher's Guide on 50 Ways to Say "Good Job!"

Teacher's Guide on 50 Ways to Say "Good Job!":

"Students thrive on recognition. It makes them want to perform even better when they know they have pleased the teacher. The important thing to remember is that while you want to give your students the proper acknowledgment from you, it should only be done when it is merited. This will truly help students perform their best, and use past works as a guide for their future assignments. Here are 50 ways to say 'Good Job!' to your students who deserve that special recognition.

1. Super work!

2. Keep it up!

3. You've got the hang of it.

4. You're right on track..

5. Great job!

6. That's very good.

7. Your effort is paying off.

8. That's exactly right.

9. I see you've been working really hard.

10. Nicely done!

11. I'm proud of you.

12. You have improved a lot.

13. You are doing much better today.

14. You're almost there!

15. I think you have figured it out.

16. This is the best work yet.

17. You got it!

18. Wow, what an improvement.

19. I knew you could do it.

20. Now that's the way to do it.

21. Congratulations!

22. Not bad.

23. Don't give up, it's looking great.

24. My, you are a fast learner.

25. That is correct.

26. Good for you!